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Sausage Stuffing! Ok a Quick Version – Episode 118

By Patrick

Our family loves sausage stuffing and that is because well it is loaded with sausage, cheese and butter. What is not to love? This is a very quick version of the sausage stuffing recipe. Now we do have our variations of course- I like hot sausage while my sister favors sweet-My wife likes carrots and celery while some like no other vegetables except the onions- One thing is for sure it must have sausage, mozzarella, onion and butter-oh and bread.

Categories : Cooking Videos, Meat
  • Michelle


    Interesting addition of mozzarella…I have never added cheese to stuffing. My (Italian) grandmother used to add sausage to hers, as well as oysters (which was controversial, like your celery/carrot situation).

    Have a great T-day Kahuna, Castello, Zonk, Nonna, and everyone else who watches the Galaxy’s Most Popular Food and Wine Program!

  • castello

    Keep the celery out of it! It’s just cheap filler, or not. That did look tasty.
    Thanks Michelle. I’ll just say Happy T-day to the whole Galaxy!