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Regular & Sweet Potatoes – Yes You Can Cross The Streams! 2 Sides 1 Preperation – Episode 119

By Patrick

Happy Thanksgiving all! Hope everyone is enjoying a great day of eating, drinking and napping. Well if you need a last minute dish to bring and don’t have quite enough regular or sweet potatoes to feed a crowd-combine them and eat away! One dish is sweet and the other not. Heck if you are like me and go somewhere for Thanksgiving and then recook the whole meal at home on Saturday for left overs you can make this also.

  • castello

    I want some

  • zonk

    I’m Number 2, Yea… Hmmmm, wait a minute, is that a good thing?

    Anyway… you typed Yes You Can Cross The Streams!
    Is that a reference to Ghost Busters?… careful your dating yourself, or admitting some questionable taste in movies… does that mean you liked Pulp Fiction?, please say it isn’t so.

    Wish I could eat you sides, but I’m on a diet, I have to loose about 5 Paolos.