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Pork Stuffed With More Pork! YEAH BABY! Pork Loin Stuffed With Sausage- Episode 115

By Patrick

Here is a chance to get rid of that damn Thanksgiving Ham that comes before the Lasagna and the Turkey. So are we the only ones that have ham on Thanksgiving as a warm up? This is the end of the pork loin with the dark meat which to me is the tastiest part of the pork loin which is then butterflied. After giving it a good beating I take some hot sausage out of the casing and sure you could use sweet sausage but I like the hot stuff- If you have a crowd that is split hot and sweet there is no problem doing one half hot and one half sweet, just remember to roll it the right way to keep each at its own end.

This is seared on all sides then popped in the oven- In the past I have made a great provolone cheese sauce to top this when sliced. Nice slices of this are also great on rolls for a tasty sandwich. I think if you give this a try you will be very happy.

Also here is the link to the Greatest Mashed Potato Casserole thingy

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  • Michelle

    It sounds like pork overkill, but I have to admit, it looks delish! Can’t wait until TTT and WW return.

  • castello

    Yum yum. I bought some coriander because you seem to use it on all kinds of meat. How much should I use for a fat steak?

  • Cabdrinker

    Holy shit Pat, this looks awesome… Would have loved to seen how this turned out… I’m not a huge parsley fan but do you think it’s better than basil for this? I may give this a go in the next month.

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