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Grilled Pizza Roma Style! Ok I May Have Made That Up- Episode 114

By Patrick


I had this pizza in Rome but have no idea if this is any sort of traditional pizza or just something they throw at a fat American when he sits down and starts grabbing food from others tables. Well whatever it is for sure it is good- Now I will not lie marinated artichoke hearts are something I have great disdain for most of the time- They generally suck plain and simple- but those few times when you can get them and they have been treated with care, bathed in rich olive oil- well you really have something special.

There are ingredients I just do not like with certain things- Olives on pizza and marinated artichoke hearts on pizza – So why do I put them on this pie? I don’t know why and that is the best part- it just works.

  • Nonna

    Ummm!! Looks good to me, eggs and all. Maybe not so for Paolo–he didn’t attack the dough this time.

  • Michelle

    Keep the egg on the Kahunawich, not the pizza. The rest of it looked great, though. We have been making so many grilled pizzas lately it is insane – having my sis and her family out to our cabin this weekend and I will be chef-ing up a lot of grilled pizzas. We usually make vegetarian pizzas, but I am going to try to pick up some Italian meats because it looked so good. Great show!

  • castello

    Kudos for putting eggs on the Pizza. My lady friend says she puts it in her lasagna.