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2007 Rosenblum Petite Sirah Heritage Clones – Episode 107

By Patrick

Some how missed posting this so here it is late but finally making the lineup. This is the Rosenblum 2007 Heritage Clones Petite Sirah one of my favorite wines over the last several years. I am actually due for another bottle of this so perhaps a repeat video is due.

  • castello

    Numero UNO!
    Are you sure this isn’t a rerun?
    I also love the Petite Sirah. I drank most of one tonight from David Caffaro in Sonoma. As I’ve told you before, me and a buddy buy his futures for 11 to 13 bones. Lots of Petite, Zins and blends. He has the oldest diary/blog in the business. Check it out here.

  • Michelle

    Yes, this is a rerun (Kahuna must have had a “senior moment”). I’m glad because we happened to have this wine at our cabin over the weekend, and liked it so much I bought another bottle yesterday. Totally agree about decanting…we enjoyed it over 3-6 hours. Castello, I will have to look for David Caffaro – I love Zin.

  • castello

    I keep misspelling it. It’s really David Coffaro. Not really availible at stores outside of Sonoma. He sells almost all his stuff in futures.

  • Michelle

    90 points. I think it will age well, and I also will put some away.

  • Patrick

    They do age well and for the money it def. is worth putting some away