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Velveeta Grilled Cheese Sandwich – Processed Cheese Week Continues! Episode 112

By Patrick

So it is just a grilled cheese sandwich right? Uhm yeah actually- nothing fancy. Just good ole processed cheese, butter and bread- So who needs “Shark Week” whe have “Processed Cheese Week!”

  • castello

    That just made my day Kahuna! Great looking sandwich. I detest that cheese stuff food product but it does melt as good as any I’ve ever ingested. I’ve never done that with the butter in the pan first but I will definetleyley try it someday soon. With cheese please. Sometimes I do it with mayonaise, spread it on the bread and it comes out real similar.
    I just got an old school butter holder dish thing where you put the softened butter in one part of it and put water in the other part. It keeps the butter soft and unharmed by the dog.

  • Michelle

    What, no Taylor ham? No eggs or chili? Doesn’t look like a Kahunawich to me (except for the fakey cheese, of course).

  • castello

    Keeps your butter soft and protected. Directed here by wiki.