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Thank You For Watching! Episode 100

By Patrick

Thank you everyone for watching this crazy little video blog. I can not believe we hit 100 episodes already and hopefully the next 100 will be just as much fun! So I finally pick the winner of the New York Yankees Jersey and the winner is…….well you have to watch and see.  Please let all your friends and family members know about  our little chaotic place on the web as I am trying to work out some deals on some discount offers for my viewers on some speciality foods, spices, kitchen tools and more.

Hopefully the next 100 episodes will bring with it a sitemap, episode guide, interactive comments section, my Mom and another Little Kahuna to join in the excitement!

Thank you again,


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  • castello

    Ok I’ll wait till Michelle comments so she can be number 1. OOPs. Congrats to KAHUNA ON 100 EPISODES!
    Congrats to Michelle for winning my Damn Yankee Jersey.
    I had to pour me some wine because you made it look so tasty.
    So here’s to you Patrick and to 100 more.

  • zonk

    Congrats KAHUNA…

    the host of the *MULTI-VERSE’s most popular food and wine show, on your 100th anniversary, I must say you don’t look an episode over 39.

    Congrats to Michelle for winning castello’s Damn Yankee Jersey.

    castello’s your comments, specially those on alternative nut-butters have been most thought provoking. We all should be more aware of just how many nuts are out there.

    And lets not forget the unsung person behind the show, a person seldom seen, but often heard (keeping the Kahuna inline)… Mrs KAHUNA, for without whom there would be no Paolo.

    KUHNA… We your humble fans feel a kinship with Mrs KAHUNA, for we too, just like her, hope you can keep it up just a little longer…


    *The multiverse (or meta-universe [metaverse]) is the hypothetical set of multiple possible universes (including our universe) that together comprise everything that physically exists:
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  • TimF

    Glad to be the first loser.

    Now you can say you’ve got viewership in China…

  • Michelle

    Just got to watch after a weekend out of town…yay!!! Max was watching with me, so it was so very, very cool! Best ep, ever! (Sorry, Castello).

    So, we had a Michael David Petit Syrah over the weekend, and it was very good – I am a fan of their Zin, so decided to try it. I am a fan of Rosenblum Zin as well, so will definitely look for the Petit Syrah.

    Anyway, we love the show, and look forward to watching it evolve…congrats on 100, and thanks for pumping them out!

  • Nonna

    And no one picked up on your last sentence??

  • Michelle

    Yay for Nonna and 2nd Lil’ Kahuna!

  • Michelle

    Since no new ep posted lately, had to watch this one again…LOVE IT! My Steve loves the jersey and my Max looooved the “Universe” shout out. You are the best, Kahuna!

  • admin

    Hey Michelle,
    Just updated the blogging platform but now I can not comment at all! LOL from the comments section-UGH Glad Steve loves the Jersey he must be the Yanks good luck charm!

  • admin

    Trying the threaded comments again-ugh

  • admin

    still not working right!

  • admin

    OK- now I can comment just not from Internet explorer! Wishing I didn’t feel the need to figure these things out on my own-