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Taylor Ham, Egg & Cheese on a Roll-Jersey Breakfast- Aphrodisiac? I say YES! – Episode 104

By Patrick

The Jersey breakfast is Taylor Ham, Egg and Cheese on a roll- though lately the everything bagel has started to win out it seems- I make the classic version in this video. Is it an Aphrodisiac? Well I say yes, lets face it if your woman has not tried to bribe you with a “quickie” to get you to make a breakfast run for a Taylor Ham, egg & cheese then you got the wrong woman! The “snackers” know what I am talking about for sure!

  • mrzitro

    My old friend…Mr Taylor Ham. It’s been a while since I’ve seen him, since like the 1970′s. So that’s how you stop the hump while cooking. I learn something new every day.

  • castello

    And I thought it was just gonna be a simple sandwich episode. Free relationship guidance as well. Can’t wait to get to the Jersey shore to check out the bars, the hotel action afterwards, then the king of all breakfast meals.

  • Michelle

    My god I am wondering how many little Kahunas there are out there!

  • zonk

    Flash forward, 14 0r 15 years from now…

    Paolo: Can I borrow the car Dad?,
    Kanuha: Why?
    Paolo: Me and the guys want to go down the shore for the weekend.
    Kahuna: Ok son, behave yourself, don’t drive drunk.
    Paolo: I won’t Dad.
    Kahuna: Aww son, Do you have some…
    Paolo: Gee! Dad! Don’t worry, I have protection…
    Kahuna: That’s good son, but what I really wanted to known is…
    Paolo: Yes Dad?
    Kahuna: Do you know where to get a Taylor Han breakfast Roll…?

  • Michelle

    Hahahaha! Love it, Zonk!

  • Michelle

    No TTT? Castello, can you possibly fill in again? Please, no more nut-butter-nonsense…I wasted some good $$ on “amond” butter and it tasted (and looked) like $hit.

  • castello

    Sorry about the $hittty butter. Musta been a bad year. I will give a review of a Grappa I had last week. Me and some friends found some really smooth Grappa a few months ago. It’s a local thing made at the Hangar One distillery near here at Alameda. We can’t seem to get any more of it, so we’ve been trying other Grappa’s where ever we find them. This particular one seems to be easy to find but not cheap @25 bones for a half a bottle. The bottle looks awesome and it’s really Italian.
    Smells of six week old citrus and a little moldy. On the third sniff it smells a little like orange liquor. Tastes a little like orange turpentine. Much more drinkable than the stuff from TJ’s but not very good. Damn, I bought two bottles. One is made from Brunello and one from Dolcetto. Both pretty hard to chug.
    Kahuna you must know of some good Grappa. Please help us.
    The one I tasted was Lorenzo Inga. Pretty bad, I’ve heard that real grappa men drink it in their cappuccino for breakfast in the old country. Maybe I’ll try that in the morning.

  • Michelle

    Well…good luck in the a.m. if you decide to go through with it. I don’t drink white nor have tried Grappa, so I cannot weigh in. I am working a 12hr shift tomorrow, so cannot prepare for a “Wine Wednesday” so could you, once again, be ready to fill in if necessary? Just thinking ahead….

  • castello

    I play tennis on Wed so I’ll be drunk and tired by then but I’ll try. I tried to comment on your site but they wanted me to sign up some how?

  • castello

    Coffee doesn’t help bad Grappa.

  • Michelle

    Too bad, Castello.

  • BurroBoy

    I like how the dog seemed to be sniffing at the crotch during the meat of the story! Although I have to say my appetite was not the same at the end of the episode…

  • castello

    Damn you Burrohead. I didn’t even notice the dog the first time I watched it. Now I have to watch it again and again fast forward rewind over and over. Nothing too bad.
    There usta be a bar near here in a big house. It had a least three names. Heidleberg, Beer Garden and someothersuch. the good ole days……..

  • admin

    Hey no picking on the dog! LOL- Hope all is well and you appetite has returned