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Philly Cheesesteak! Whiz Wit! Episode 113

By Patrick

The Philly Cheesesteak is a classic American food. And when you go to Pat’s order it Whiz Wit! In this episode I use some great Prime Sirloin to make these beauties- Oh and I add a little bacon in too! Check out Episode 111 where I go into some different Philly Icons.

  • castello

    Great to see the little one show up again.
    Wow what a cheeeesey steak/wit/wit bacon! Beautiful! I’m bound to raid my fridge after that.

  • Michelle

    We received Castello’s jersey today! My husband is so excited, and it looks great on him – thanks so much, Kahuna!

    I totally agree with you about chopping up the sandwich meat, which is what I do when I make a steak sandwich or burrito. Not sure if I am on-board wit da whiz, but the finished product looked great!

  • admin

    Glad you got it- Hope he can wear it to a championship- hope all is well!