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Greatest Mashed Potato Casserole Thingy – Episode 108

By Patrick

Ok, so I should have topped it with bacon and then it would have been the greatest. Anyway PLEASE make this and you will be the hit of your holiday parties- in fact it will become your signature dish- so much so that you will not have to worry EVER about what you will be bringing to a party. Sorry I did not get to show the dish out of the oven or served but believe me it was great- In fact overheard at the party it was served was SS Chris saying “Dude try the potatoes they are friggin awesome” to which the reply by Metsfan was ” I don’t like onions.” SS Chris, who is decidedly unpleasant said “Try them anyway.”

So did Metsfan try them- I dont know but I know the tray was just about empty at the end of the night. Oh and cook bacon then halfway through the baking process crumple it on top-

  • castello

    mmmmcomfort food.

  • Michelle

    Oh god I gained 3 lbs. just watching that. Must have been tasty!

  • admin

    Michelle you have to make it- tastes great and almost makes the 3 pounds worth it

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  • castello

    mmmmcomfort food.