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Cheez Whiz & Velveeta Taste Test Tuesday. Why? Whiz Wit! That is the reason. Episode 111

By Patrick

What could be the reason for these two cheese type products to make an appearence on the Galaxies Most Popular Food and Wine Show! Well they each have a specific use that is cherished- One for the legendary Philly Cheesesteak and the other for the legendary Potato Bread Grilled Cheese- ok so one is legendary and one me and my fat friends like to eat.

So we can chalk up attempt number 9 in the can not get the comments to work right attempt last night! The battle rages on!

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  • Michelle


  • Michelle

    Where’s my shirt, dude?

  • castello

    Yes, where is my shirt that Michelle won. Ok you can wear it one more time when the yanks lose. Don’t wash it tho.
    Interesting products those fakey cheeses. Choice sirloin and you’re gonna %&*$ it up with whiz. Put some serious cheese on the damn thang. I was expecting a shout out during this show but alas Michelle is your number 1 fan. I’m only number 2.
    I think my nut butter taste test was better than this. Smells like the dog bone cheese? Don’t ingest it!

  • Michelle

    Castello, your nut butter episode was classic! Don’t worry, Kahuna now has my mailing address so he can send me your shirt.

  • zonk

    Oh no Kahuna, say it isn’t so!

    Next you will be telling us you use the CHEESE on this site!!

    Notice the picture this site, what does the pile on the cracker remind you of ?