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Authentic Alfredo Sauce No Cream or Milk and A Little Extra at the End – Episode 103

By Patrick

Alfredo sauce brings to mind a thick creamy Parm. infused cheese sauce and while it is true that is damn good and one of my favorites it is not really the authentic version. See Alfredo had a wife who was pregnant and lost her appetite so Alfredo had to come up with something that would make his wife want to eat. Room tempeture butter and Parm. cheese combined with some fresh homemade pasta did the trick and the dish made its way on to his restaurant list.

There are many theories as to how and when milk or cream began to be added to the dish but none certain- However in Alfredos original restaurant in Rome it is not added. Another thing of note is that the butter from Italy or France is very different than ours so understand that you are not going to get a “Butter” tasting sauce as you would expect using USA butter.

Well Alfredo was right as Mrs. Kahuna stuffed her belly full of this and it was her idea to add the green stuff and Prisciutto in.


  • castello

    Numero uno! Fantastico! I may have to try that one. It’s simple no?

  • Michelle


    When I was preggo I wanted extra veggies for some reason…sounds like that is going on with this recipe. It is hella greeeeeen!!!

  • castello

    I’m gonna try it with brusselheaded sprouts/slightly pre-cooked in olivefreakin oil and maybe throw some pecorino on top.
    Remind me to take recommendations lightly. One bottle at a time. I’ve been buying two of each. Now I have a bunch of blah blah. I guess I will be auctioning off/giving away some bottles soon. First one to guess Kahunas age gets a bottle of blah blah 10 year old Bordeaux that’s lost its balls/fruit.

  • Michelle


  • Nonna

    Wrong–but since I actually know–I won’t join the contest. Besides I think he actually says his age in one of the videos.