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A Review of Crush It! A New Book By Gary Vaynerchuk – Episode 110

By Patrick

So the Sopressata & Capicola Episode 109 would have run too long so I broke it into 2 episodes and this is the book review part continued from that episode. The book is Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuk who is a leader in the social media, Internet marketing, web 2.0 and stuff(oh and a little joint called Wine Library). Again this book is geared to motivating people with a passion for a subject and helping them realize the ability to converse about that subject , share knowledge and ultimately cash in on the passion.

I look at this book a little differently I think than most- I see it as a great way for people who are a little older, like my wife(insert wink emoticon here) to get an idea as to what is really happening on the Internet today. Too many people I speak to from my age group understand Facebook from a social standpoint but then say to me I don’t get Twitter. Gary helps explain how to take all of these free tools and use them to your advantage. I think this is a great book for any parent to help them relate to what their kids are doing on the Internet and allow them as parents to be brought into the conversation their kids are having.

If you kids like to cook, create artwork, play sports, play chess or videogames- whatever it is they enjoy you can jump in and help them to create a blog, design it, add video, music pictures, written content, etc. What does this do exactly, well it helps your kids realize they can build a space for themselves and they are responsible for the content they put out. Lets face it if they spell and write like me everyone will think they are idiots, so it can help them to aspire to create better posts, well written and thoughtful entries.

Ok enough- If you don’t get Twitter or think the Internet is only for buying what is on QVC then get this book!

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  • mattsito

    I like this take on the book… Resource for parents. Good idea!

  • Chuck Norris

    Very interesting angle on the book! Live it to Kahuna to open your eyes…and stomach :)

  • castello

    I’ll give you 2.99 for a signed book. Then I wouldn’t have to drive and hour to SF to get the wine man to sign one. He’s not coming to Silicon Valley? Maybe 6.99 for the burger. Make sure you use real cheese on it.

  • admin

    So who pays for shipping on this deal :) My attempt at new comments section failed- oh well not sure how these will appear

  • admin

    Chuck Norris makes a glorious return!

  • admin

    Thanks Matt- hope all is well at Vaynermedia

  • castello

    They look ok but who the hell is admin? The Galaxy’s best webmeister? I’ll ship you a bottle of wine and you ship me an ugly green book. Don’t hold your breath, I’m not good at shipping anything.

  • Michelle

    That book is so thin, even a busy Kahuna has time to read it. Good thing it is a hardcover…a paperback version would very likely be compared to a comic book.

  • Linda Hayles

    I FREAKING LOVED this review! LOL A burger is thicker than his book.

    Gary…. Oh man… I love him I just got to see him at Lessconf. He was great.

    The part of the book I related to the most was when he said growing up he wouldn’t tell if he had a cut or a burn on his hand for fear that the older family members would say to just pee on it. Oh my. I can totally relate to that since my mom comes from a BIG family and they were poor and came up with many home grown remedies such as the one Gary talks about. I was rolling cause I TOTALLY understood Gary.

    Anyway… Now I have to go and make a video review of Gary’s book as well. hehehe

    Your review ROCKS man!

    Love Gary too!

  • ZBJ

    Loved the review and the jokes. Loved the meat concept! Love your book review – so very true and very different angle than what others have said. Everyone else sounds the same but you.

  • John

    Nice review.
    BTW give your dog a big chunk of that meat for not diving into it
    when you went to the door :)
    Good doggie!
    Glad you didn’t bring a Burger King 7Patty surprise to compare to the book ‘cuz then Gary would be really mad.
    Peace out

  • Kristen

    Awesome review!

    One thing you have to remember Kahuna- a burger will shrink when cooked. ;-)

  • BurroBoy

    I second the treat for the dog!
    A buddy who lives in Scranton used to bring home made sopressata up to VT when we were in school together…awesome stuff.
    He’s back there but I stayed in VT to be close to the Cabot butter.

  • mutuelle fonctionnaire

    Nice and informative post :)