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2005 Botromagno Primitivo – Episode 105

By Patrick

Ok, still a few more weeks of a busy schedule so doing my best to get some of these episodes up- still have not resolved my email to comments issue yet. Been drinking some good wines lately and a few never made it to video-I opened three wines in one day and shot video of them at different points during that day- just to be able to talk about the evolution of the wine a little.

So Primitivo is nearly an identical DNA tested match to Zinfandel with Primitivo being grown in Italy. I picked up this wine expecting a medium to full bodied wine with some decent fruit but a nice spicy kick- Not exactly what I got in this wine but still a good drinking wine. This is just one of those cases when a wine is not varietal correct yet produces a really good tasting vino. Picked this up on sale for $10.50 and sells normally for around $13-$15.

  • castello

    I had a Primativo from Castello di Amorosa in Calistoga last month from the wine club. They are very Italian so I guess thats why they call it that. It was very good but not real typical of a Zin. Way smooth and not much tannis at all.