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Veal Sorrentina(Eggplant, Fresh Mozzarella, Cremini Mushrooms & Prisciutto) – Episode 98

By Patrick

Veal Sorrentino or Sorrentina is a great dish involving veal pounded thin- In this recipe while not 100% classic, I use the main ingredients and add a few of my own also- Traditionally a white wine would be used however I use Cognac and Red Wine- Also a mushroom sauce or gravy is not always served with this- The name is derived from the region of origin which is Sorrrento, Italy- Simply one of the most beautiful places in Italy to stay. The name of the dish well that is a question to be answered somewhere else- traditionally you see it in American eateries as Sorrentino while in fact it is called Sorrentina depending on who you ask.

This is a real easy dish to make and a great way to make use of the last summer eggplant- The Broccoli Rabe made along side this veal dish will be featured in a separate Episode.

Categories : Cooking Videos, Meat
  • castello

    Congnac and wine? How about a flambe. It’s the most fun, and danger I’ve had while cooking.

  • zonk


    I think you have shown me a way to eat egg plant that I would actually like, and if I did happen to leave the egg plant out…


  • Michelle

    Can’t wait to see the broccoli rabe…it all looks great. The “Kahuna Klan” definitely eats very well…except the nights (or mornings) that the Kahuna Dog is on the menu.

  • mrzitro

    I’m off to buy some veal…