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Value Menu($1 or Less) Burger Taste Test Tuesday – McDonald’s, Wendy’s & Burger King – Episode 99

By Patrick

I know, I know- ask everyone you meet and NO one eats fast food anymore- yeah right- Well some one must be eating at McDonald’s cause their stock certainlyis still trading- I love the excuses- “Oh it makes me sick after I eat it” or “No I just stop for the kids they love the chicken nuggets” or “I maybe have it once every six months” – Blah Blah Blah- Well if no one is eating the stuff then why is there always a line at the drive through? And why is it always the stupidest people on the planet at the drive thru? Hey listen I don’t eat it daily or go out of my way to get it often but damn right if it comes down to missing lunch from being in a rush, I will grab a quick burger, chicken sandwich or taco(The Bell is my favorite). I know you never could tell by looking at my girlish figure that I may eat something other than salad but it is true- OK I don’t drink regular soda though- so I get a pass with that one.

Anyway McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King have these value items you can get for a buck- so Wendy’s has the stacker right now and BK has the Whopper Jr and McDonald’s is supposed to have a double burger on the value menu but our Northern Jersey McDonald’s seem to disregard all the advertising and charge higher prices- So for McDonald’s it is just their regular cheeseburger that makes the review here(although the $1 McChicken is a great deal).

So who wins this epic battle of culinary delight? Tune in

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  • mrzitro

    No Whataburger tasting?

  • castello

    LMFAO Mccrappy dogfood. I too like a Quarter pounder once in a great while. I’ll throw the pickle out the window. Something about the fakey cheese and the fakey burger and the other fakey crap just tastes good together. If you happen to get a chunk of meat alone, it is terrible. I think I had a bad experience with BK a long time ago and haven’t been back. I will give the jr whopper another chance when I get the munchies. Never had the BK chicken. Maybe I’ll try it in a pinch. Bring something to read when you go. The stress of waiting for folks to order can’t be good for the BP.

  • zonk

    …coming up tonight on the News at Eleven…

    … An unidentified person does a drive-by at the MacDonald’s drive-thru!!! Astounded witnesses said a large angry man wearing blue Giants Jersey was throwing Taco Bell wrappers and shriveled up pickles at the vehicle ahead. One witness said the back seat of the vehicle contained several cases of Parmesan Cheese, a small black dog, and a nearly naked midget yelling My Taco, My taco, Mine, Mine…

    Great episode Dude… LOL

  • Michelle

    I don’t eat fast food….since the Taco Bell in our area closed. Anyway, my 7 yr. old, Max, keeps begging me to post that you should say it’s “the Universe’s Most Popular” food/wine show. I told him that’s not going to happen, “Galaxy” sounds more far-reaching than “Universe.” Thanks for another entertaining show!

  • castello

    Go with the UNIVERSE! Zonk, you’re killin me! Best comment in the Cosmos!

  • Cabdrinker

    Great episode Pat… Had me laughing my ass off when your voice hit Christine Daaé level during your rant.