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Supermarket Bluecheese Dressing Taste Test Tuesday – Episode 90

By Patrick

Blue-cheese dressing is one of my favorite things however there is more bad dressing out there than good. In this episode I give 3 supermarket brands and the run through. I love to add a little to my guacamole as well as topping  on a baked potato or in mashed potatoes. Now there are some gourmet brands out there that I will try down the road and also will make my own on another episode.

Don’t forget to watch Episode 88 the Parmigiano domestic taste test Tuesday to see how to win a Yankees Authentic Jersey.

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  • castello

    Blue cheese dressing in Guacamole? Holy Guaca…… Illegal in 32 states!

  • Michelle

    I, too, love blue cheese dressing (sans guac) and often make my own as it is hard to find a good one at the grocery store. Will watch the latest “TTT” later with my 7-yr. old as he is now also hooked on “Cooking in Chaos!”

  • Michelle

    That was awesome watching you chug the dressing out of the bottle – you kill me!

    RE: Caesar salad is my favorite, and I often order it when eating out. Have only found 1 store-bought dressing that is good, which is the Girard’s Light Caesar…although it says “Light” it is truly better than their “regular” Caesar dressing…I squeeze a lemon over the salad before applying the dressing, then serve it with extra lemon wedges. We love it, and I always get compliments on it when I make it for a dinner party or potluck. If you do a Caesar dressing TTT, and can find it in your area, please include it.

  • Michelle

    It is Wednesday…where’s the vino reviews?

  • castello

    I’ll do it tonight. I had a the Chelsea Goldschmidt 2007 Merlot 2 nights ago. We drank it after their fancy, expensive 06 Cab, so it wasn’t very fair, but I needed more vino. At the time it tasted a little tart and tanic. Like it needed to breath for a week or two. I had to drive so I left the rest of that bottle at my friends house. Last night I opened another of the Merlows. It went down pretty good. Now I’m gonna try the leftover from last night. It’s been open for 24 hours with the cork in for most of the time. Lets give it a sniffy sniffy. I’m getting heavy dark black cherries big time. On the palate it’s still cherry juice with a bit of tart tannins. It’s a little thin for my taste but well made for 15 bones. Decant it for days.

  • Michelle

    Thanks for filling in, Castello – nice review!

  • castello

    I’m practicing for a real wine/eating blog. I can’t cook, but I can eat and drink with the best of them. On the Galaxies most popular food and wine vlog, not a bad debut for me. I think Kahunas knickers may be in a bunch about now.

  • Michelle

    No doubt Kahuna’s knickers are bunching as I type this.

    Can’t wait to watch your wine/eating blog, as it is sure to become the Galaxy’s most popular…please post a link to it here as soon as it is ready!

  • castello

    Thanks for the encourageing words. This was the first “official” step. I get my inspiration form the Wine Wench, GV, TGOB and The BIG KAHUNA. Now that the US open is over, I have about 12 hours a day to fill in. I figure fame and fortune are right around the corner.

  • castello

    I guess Kahuna is still sitting on the Throne after chugging bad supermarket blue cheese dressing from the bottle.

  • Rich S


    If you like blue cheese, Mazareti Ultimate Blue Cheese is the best I have had from a supermarket. Check it out.

  • john

    Interesting, more than half way through this near worthless irriating video.  chugs from the bottle.
    GROSS, not worth the time I wasted  trying to find out about blue cheese dressing.
    Ring the Gong.