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Short Rib Ragu Over Homemade Pappardelle – Episode 87

By Patrick


So finally the short rib ragu- with a long holiday weekend in the rear view mirror it seems I have been waiting to put this up for a week- So here she be- Short ribs are very interesting to cook with because the get to a point were they become like rubber balls so timing your cooking process becomes key. If you plan on trying to create this dish in a 2 hour window believe me you will wish you were eating a super pinky instead of the short rib- but just a few more hours will reward you with a beautiful meat that unlike many other meats does not lose its rich, mouth fillingflavor. For me short ribs are like the triple chocolate warm molten dessert- just a decadent treat. Again the pasta dough recipe is Episode 85 and the making of the Pappardelle is Episode 86

I have seen recipes and cooking shows were they pre boil the short ribs to get a head start on the tenderizing process- PLEASE don’t do that, allow for the extra time to slow cook these beauties in the base it will be served in. Also I seemed have not hit record during the return of the meat to the sauce- basically I retrieved the bones from the sauce- they had separated from the meat then fished the meat out- the meat will have a piece of cartilage so depending on who you are serving you can just leave it or pick it out- I knew my audience pretty well-after all she never leaves! So I picked the meat off the cartilage returned 80% back to the sauce then tossed the pasta and applied a handful of meat to each serving.

With the weather cooling this really is the perfect dish to make on a Sunday and truthfully as long as you give it the proper cook time you could eliminate 50% of the ingredients and still get a great tasting ragu.

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  • Nonna

    And it was delizioso!!!

  • Michelle

    Damn, that looks awesome…I am thinking, would a quirt of honey work as well as the dates, just to add the sweet/balance?

    Little Kahuna seems to be willing to lick anything – that is great! My 9 yr. old is an epicurean eater, but 7 yr. old is very, very picky. Hubby is an epicurean vegetarian…..damn, that short rib ragu looks great!!

    We have been making grilled pizzas about 4 times/week-love it! Our faves are roasted red peppers, roasted garlic with goat cheese and grated pecorino romano, also a base of olive oil with garlic heated until you smell the garlic, then spread that on, mozzarel, then spread chopped green and black olives, topped with grated pecorino romano and/or bleu cheese…yum! You have been an inspiration there.

  • castello

    Now that’s some real cooking.
    My friends and I also cooked some grilled pizza last weekend. We were just experimenting and put everything under the sun on them. Best pizza ever!