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Pasta With Anchovy Sauce (Pasta e Alici) – Episode 91

By Patrick


Had a few busy weeks and one more ahead and then this little blog should be back to its regular schedule.- I think!

Well the bottom line is I do not like Anchovies and yet I LOVE Anchovies – they are a mystery product that show up like little rubber-bands on pizzas and taste like 2 day old bait and then when left out of a Caesar salad you are left with a dressing that isn’t all that good. So what is it about the little tin and jar packed things- well what I am learning is quality makes a big difference in these little suckers. Especially for someone like me who does not have a love for them in their raw out of the tin form- I mean some people just pop the tin and start eating them- NOT me.

When in Italy I had a stunning pasta dish of Anchovy oil and walnuts over pasta – it was amazing and honestly an odd order for me but being on the Amalfi Coast will do that to you. So while I have used Anchovy paste(a chef & cooks secret friend!) for years and years and would never dream of making a Caesar salad with out the little buggers and use them in my homemade Tuscan Sausage- I finally realized these could be something to use often-

So to the quality issue- well most supermarket anchovies are from Morocco and nothing is wrong with that but they tend to have a more pungent taste- this time I sprung for the good ones as our local Fairway had some beautiful anchovy from Sicily- The price- well these little dudes are not cheap- a jar can be from $15 to $25 but OH what a difference- these I could eat on bruschetta and be very happy- So here is a pasta dish that is one of my Fathers favorites Olive Oil, garlic and Anchovy. Also for a pound I would suggest using 1 1/2 cans in the olive oil to make the sauce.

So give this dish a try whether you like anchovy or not – I think you will be surprised as to how good it is- Also if you love anchovy when serving chop up some of the filets and sprinkle it on each plate.

  • castello

    the video stops at 1:35.

  • castello

    I skipped ahead and it started to work.

  • zonk

    CrabAss table… that’s funny

    Anchovies are fine, in a well constructed salad dressing, made by a skilled waiter at the table, but after that I say feed them to the cat, and you get a sense of what a cat’s palate might be, if you have ever watch one take a bath…


  • castello

    I’m not sure I’d have the nerve to buy fancy anchovies. You did make it look easy though. I’ll leave it to the pros. I hope it cheered up the family.

  • Michelle

    “Crab-ass table”…? Ouch! Glad to hear the MIL is cool.

  • RedRum

    Great recipe my friend!

  • RedRum

    i love anchovies mind you… I eat them with bread and ouzo (I am greek…)