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Parmigiano of USA Taste Test Tuesday – Episode 88

By Patrick

So while it is not Tuesday when this is being posted I at least did the taste test on a Tuesday- Anyway if you noticed I have skipped episode 87 just because I didn’t get a chance to edit yet look for that episode on Friday- That is the Short Rib Ragu episode that ties in with Episode 85 & 86. Also I am giving away a brand new authentic Yankees Jersey in this episode so watch to find out how. I will pick a winner on 9/22/09 for the Jersey.

Anyone on Twitter ifyou Re-Tweet this message “watch episode 88 at how to win an authentic New York Yankees home jersey- Retweeters get an extra entry!” you will get an extra entry.

Ok- so this episode is a taste test of USA versions of Parmigiano to see if any are worth eating.

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  • castello

    I don’t think I could wear a stinkin Yankees jersy unless it would impress my imaginary date or somesuch. I could sell it to my buddy for some big bucks tho. Maybe put it on the poker table as an all in play.
    Nice episode. I’ve seen the test kitchen do parm taste tests and they even did shredded vs shaved with different results. Hard to replicate the real thing. You’re right, the domestic stuuf should be 1/2 price.

  • Terry

    Ok see..I think the Jersey should be mine because I never got the nickle that I won in our bet back when the Yankees beat the Dodgers! LOL!
    Love this show are too funny!

  • TimF

    You have 5 different Parm-Reg in your fridge? Geeze.


  • David Grega

    Great episode…I felt compelled to break out some of the real stuff myself while watching…!

  • Mrzitro

    Are you doing a tasting note video for the Four Vines Zinfandel you had on the 7th? Have you had anything else from 4V? I’m asking because I got an emailer from them & they are offering free shipping on a six bottle or more order. I looking to see which ones I should get.

    Nice Ep. Unless you can sweeten the pot with a signed(by you) copy of Crushit or a bottle of Sierra Carche, you can give the jersey to #sarahcooley or a deserving kid, if I win.

  • Chuck Norris

    Does this jersey come with an authentic cheese smell? If so, what cheese is it?

  • zonk

    Baseball Jersey! no wonder your giving it away!
    It’s not like your giving away one of your Giants Jerseys…LOL


  • Nonna

    In other words, they tasted like potatoes, as Grandma would have said.

  • Michelle

    Great show, as always…absolutely the best cooking/wine show in the galaxy, and on virtually all dimensions…no question about it…your talent and intellect is unparalelled. I am not just saying this because of your good looks, either.

    BTW, that jersey would fit my husband perfectly…please keep that in mind when you do your ‘DRAWING’ or whatever.

  • castello

    Michelle, is your hubby a real Yankee fan? The galaxy can’t have a yankee hater wearing that thang, even if it fits his skinny ass.

  • Michelle

    No, Castello, my husband is not a Yankee fan, nor is he skinny. If, by “thang” you mean “thong” then I would definitely agree with you there!

  • Rich S

    Not a huge fan of USA parm……………or the Mets for that matter but at least the parm lived up to its expectations which is more than I can say about the Mets!!


  • http://Kahunas zia ginas

    I really love your taste tests. You are so funny.Parmigianno Reggiano definitely the best. I’m still nursing a small piece that I have from Italy. You know I’m a Yankee fan since I was in 8th grade which was a long, long time ago. I miss little Kahuna. Where has he been? By the way your Italian is really improving. See you soon. Luv ya.

  • chris

    Just make sure you do not find a low or no fat one. I do prefer locatelli though

  • castello

    Ok, now I can surely find a Yankee fan that would love to have the Jersy. Don’t wash it!