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How To Make Homemade Pappardelle – Episode 86

By Patrick

So this week is getting all out of order with the holiday so Taste Test Tuesdayta will be on Wednesday I think and Wine Wednesday will be Thursday maybe- who knows anyway in Episode 85 I made the pasta dough being used in this video of making pappardelle. There is also an Episode 86 which is the Short Rib Ragu that may be renumbered or just posted out of sequence- who knows-Enjoy!

At the time of posting the video is loading slow so just hit pause and let the video load then hit the play button.

  • castello

    Awesome! The little one is testing your patience. His fingers survived but your blood pressure may have gone up a bit.

  • Michelle

    I can say, with experience, that Little Kahuna needs a nap! I am suprised that Nonna hasn’t commented yet. Nice job with the pasta!

  • Nonna

    Thanks for the top billing little K. Next time tell daddy to let you make “stracciatella” and he won’t have to worry about the holes in the pasty sheets.! Ciao, bello.