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Hot Dogs Taste Test Tuesday – Episode 80

By Patrick


Hot diggity – it is time for a Hot Dog taste test-While summer draws to a fast close all 2 weeks of it the best time of the year to get belly up to the grill and the smoker is now- a little cooler out especially at night helps keep the smoker temps in check- Anyway we generally pile a lot of stuff on our hot dogs and even when we just use ole standard mustard it masks much of the hot dog flavor- So I picked out 4 popular brands to taste test.

Nathans, Hebrew National, Oscar Meyer & Sabretts and with comments left on the video, Facebook, Twitter and through email I will pick the next 3 most popular viewer choices to review- Well truth be told I had a strong crop to start with and I was torn between BEST and Oscar Meyer for this flight but went with Oscar-and as it turns out Best is leading the Twitter & Facebbok voting at the moment-

Oh and the Jersey was the St. Patricks day Jersey not Valentines Day- Man I am dumb!

So there is a winner but 3 of the 4 Hot Dogs I think are great and would have no problem eating anytime-Also look for the Kahuna Dog video which will be up later today or on Wine Wendsday.

And a HELLO to Lori W! Who gave me a big KAHUNA shout out today!

Note: Due to the length of the video I cut out the host chewing to get under 11 minutes

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  • castello

    I had to stop the show half way to eat. I putsome prosciutto with my pork loin and some swiss cheese on a sandwich. Yumm. I’ll have to look at Wholefoods and see what kind of fancy hotdogs they have. I think you probly picked the best dog already.

  • Ken Payton

    Kahuna! Say you comment on WLTV today, a few chapters of Destroy It! Great job. What a great idea. Wish I’d have thought of it. Keep going!

  • Ken Payton

    ‘Saw your comment’… it should read.

  • Michelle

    I never eat hot dogs (prefer a beer-boiled brat) but my younger son loves them, and his fave is Hebrew National (Hubby’s fave, too)…I have seen Nathan’s around here occasionally, and will pick up a package for them to try.

    Can I pre-order “Destroy It!” sounds like a fascinating read!