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Cream Cheese Taste Test Tuesday – Episode 93

By Patrick

In this episode I put 2 cream cheeses to the test the whipped Temp Tee cream cheese by Breakstone and Philadelphia cream cheese to see if there would be any major difference between a whipped version and the denser version.

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  • Michelle

    What?! Peanut butter is awesome! Your relatives should quit sending you jams/jelly as you are clearly wasting them with….cream cheese??

    LOL – perfect timing, indeed!

  • brooklyn paul

    93 episodes? wtf?

  • castello

    So the Temp Tee was whipped but the Phily wasn’t? What brand of Cashew butter do you get out there in the far east? I haven’t been impressed by the ones I’ve had, but I love cashews. Peanuts are like USC? OVERATED!
    Was it jelly or jam?

  • castello

    Michelle, now you’ve heard it from 2 of the GALAXIES best eaters. Better try some other nut butters. Butter your biscuits, butter your buns.

  • Michelle

    OK Castello, I will head to the store TODAY for nut butter. I, too was wondering if the “TeePee” or whatever was whipped and Philly was not. Also, jam or jelly…? Still, an entertaining show, although Kahuna has seemed distracted the last few days (must be planning a real blockbuster for ep. 100!)

  • Nonna

    My question also, one was whipped, one was not? Philly’s just called spreadable cream cheese, I believe. Give “nature boy” a kiss from me.

  • Michelle

    Where’s the vino review? Castello, you are slacking!

  • castello

    I had a highly recomended Rioja tonight. It was even mentioned in Garys show today. It was the 2001 R Lopez de Heredia, at around 30 bones, it just isn’t my style. Maybe my palate isn’t where in the Galaxy it should be, but it was way austere or something. I tried it alone and I tried it with food but it seems weak, disjointed and maybe old school for my Cali Cab tastes. It has an awesome label and I have another bottle if you want it.

  • Michelle

    Maybe you should give everyone who comments a chance to win your bottle of highly-recommended Rioja.

  • castello

    I can’t even ship my bills off in time. I ain-a-gonna-shippa anything.