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By Patrick

Little Kahuna makes his cameraman debut!

So this video is a little rant on what I consider one of the single most offensive foods ever to hit our store shelves- it is so vile and so what is wrong with our food culture today and that is SYRUP-that’s right that crap that says Eggo, Log Cabin or Aunt Jemima- PLEASE IF YOU OWN THESE THROW THEM OUT!! Look these can not even be called Maple Syrup by law they contain nothing that is good- nothing you should be eating- and the taste-that is the worst part cause they taste Friggin good- like a buttery liquid gold flow of silky smoothness- I get it – they turn lousy pancakes into a sweet treat and a bout of ADD.

Can you believe Aunt Jemima has the nerve to actually list on their web site this phrase “Aunt Jemimasite provides product information, healthy eating tips….” are you kidding me. Ok so the “Real Stuff” costs more, understood, but it is worth really is. How addicting is the sweet high fructose corn syrup-so addicting that I can not even keep it out of my own house- yup I am betrayed by my own family. However I will not use it- will not bow to it even if “she” does.

  • Michelle


  • Michelle

    Nice job, “Pow-whoaa!”

  • castello

    The little guy is a natural. Unlike the nasty fakey syrup whatever it is.
    You’re right tho it does taste good. Same crap is in everything, probly even your fakey cheese. No that’s transfat. Keep it real. It is pricey but you really savor it and you can make it last a while.

  • TimF

    Yeah, I hate that crap. BTW — It’s 40 liters (you said gallons) of sap makes 1 liter of syrup.

    When I was a kid, I loved going to the maple tree farm down the street to watch them boiling the sap.

  • Brandon M

    K-Man, please do not interrupt or talk over the guests it’s like your rushing them for sake of getting your word.

  • castello

    Stealing my thunder again Michelle? Top six!

  • Michelle

    Top six…not bad, Castello.
    BTW – I am already worried that Kahuna will be “too busy” to post a Taste Test Tuesday. Can you fill in? Any store-bought product will do, but remember that it must be chugged out of its original container (you are allowed one dirty spoon that has been lying around the house and used for god-knows-what).

  • castello

    I think I can do the TTT. First let me poll the Galaxy. Would you prefer I do three kinds of nut butter or three brands of one nut butter. I could do three brands of peanut butter(boring)or three brands of Almond butter. On the other hand I could taste Cashew vs Almond vs Pecan butter. Most appropriately, I will be useing my finger(s)to taste it.

  • Michelle

    I vote for 3 kinds of PB, as we love that around our house. After your TTT, would it be too much to ask that you provide a separate post in which you prepare a sandwich made with the winning nut butter, 2 eggs, fakey cheese, and any other ingredients of your choice (topped with chili, of course). Just say it came from an old favorite tavern/dive bar you used to frequent. The Galaxy would greatly appreciate it!

  • zonk

    I have sucked the maple sap right from a tree… you have to be careful you don’t get your tongue stuck to the spigot.

    It’s just slightly sweat water, not much taste at all, but once boiled down it’s very very good stuff.

    Only we call pronounce it sirup, not seearup!


  • castello

    So sorry but the whole Galaxy can get peanut butter. Wiki said it isn’t even a nut. So I went with what I could find on this side(left coast)of the Galaxy, at my semi local Lunardi’s fancy grocery store.
    I got some Sunbutter brand, sunflower nut butter, some Kettle brand Almond butter and Kettle brand Hazelnut butter. The Hazelnut butter is made with dry roasted hazel nuts only. The almond butter had some salt and the sunflower butter said it only has sunflower seeds in it. I probably need to preface the tastings with the fact that I’m somewhat of a expert in the nut butter catagory. I’ve been searching for them for the past few years and eating them on everything but chile and or eggs. I’ve had better almond butter called Barney butter and it is the tops for almond butters, providing you get the crunchy style. It has sugar and salt in it and it is the bees knees with some cherry jelly with a slice of banana on whatever. Cheese optional. I’ve also had a sunflower seed/nut butter that seemed to be way better than the one I have now. I’ve also had a pecan butter that was out of this world. Back to this tasting. The hazelnut butter is awesome. It is bringing back memories of Christmas past. Just like cracking open some very fresh nuts around the xmas tree. The almond butter is pretty good but a little boring compared to the good stuff I’ve had before. The sunflower butter tastes a little stale like it’s been in the jar for 2 many years. As with the pecan butter I had last month the hazelnut wins the contest here. I do however believe that having a new nut butter can be an awesome experience and I may have been fooled by the newness of the taste sensation. Please don’t twitter me.

  • Michelle

    Nice review, Castello. I have seen the Kettle brand almond around here (Seattle area) but have not yet tried because I love PB so much. You have conviced me to give it a try! I’m not sure if I’ve seen Kettle hazelnut, but will look for that before purchasing their almond butter.

    Regarding the “other” review, although we really love our EGGO, I might have to break down and shell out the extra cash for some Grade B seeeeeeerrrrrrrup.

  • castello

    The almond, pronounced amond by my roomie from Modesto(amond capital of the Galaxy)will be nice for a change, if you can’t find anything else. I’ve tried at least 3 cashew butters and they have been dissapointing.

  • mrzitro

    I just bought a bottle of Log Cabin…it says on the label “NOW! No High Fructose Corn Syrup” How many of you remember Log Cabin back in the old days? Log Cabin used to have 5% maple syrup (the last ingredient listed). Little K was a little noisy, did you say you preferred Grade B maple? That is my goto grade. Have you ever tried making a reduction of a Petit Syrah wine and use that as a syrup?

  • megavnn

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