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2007 Chateau Pesquie les Terrasses, France – Episode 95

By Patrick

Year in and year out Chateau Pesquie produces some of the best wine for the dollar out of the Rhone in particular the Ventoux. I have enjoyed multiple vintages from this producer and have drank a few of these 2007′s already. as a note I do say this is one of the most complex serious wines you will find- I got interupted by the dog what I wanted to finish up with was under $15. Real wine all at a great price between $10.50 & $13.00

  • castello


  • castello

    Like I said for the Rioja, euro wines just sometimes don’t hit the spot. Whether bottle variation or quality control or the mood or the food. Somthin ain’t right sometimes. Maybe my palate jist ain’t up4it.

  • geoff miller

    I love this wine and bought a case for around 11 per btl.

    Kahuna, you should get int touch with me when you have to pronounce french names. I am a native speaker of French although i speak american as well. I can help you sound more authentic

  • BurroBoy

    Kahuna, I agree, we’ve had the big P for the last couple of years, and figured out right away that it is pretty classy for the buck, but needs air time to really shine. Nice food wine…