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2007 Aquinas Cabernet Sauvignon Napa – Episode 82

By Patrick


Another from the very anticipated 2007 California vintage this is the Aquinas Cabernet Sauvignon from the famed Napa Valley- this wine is made by Don Sebastiani & Sons which always raises a flag for me right away- honestly I would normally put the bottle right back however I figured this would be a good test as to what the 07 vintage is bringing- Now the bottle says the fruit is from Napa Valley so I have to believe that as in the past if a wine was bottled in Napa Valley they could use the word Napa. Anyway do not get Sebastiani & Sons confused with just “Sebastiani” a different winery by that name.

This bottled rolled in under $15

  • Cabdrinker

    Holy crap, I just gained 5lbs and my heart exploded watching this episode! Don’t worry Elizabeth, I’m coming!

    By the way – can you dry ice and ship me one of those?

  • Cabdrinker

    oops – meant to comment on ep. 81