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Potato Salad With Hummus – Episode 79

By Patrick

This is a little bit of a non traditional potato salad recipe but it reacarotlly comes out good. The main difference in this recipe is that it is made with 1/2 mayo and half hummus- the hummus I used was from Sabra which makes a really great creamy style. I also add some relish to the potato salad and hard boiled eggs. I mention a food blog in this episode and here is the link check it some great food writing over there.

Also in this episode I think I mention 3 pounds of potatoes but it was really more like 5 pounds which I figured out when I went to grab a few spuds and realized I had none left- So knowing I had bought 5 lbs and now had none left it must be that I used 5lbs- Sometimes my brilliance even amazes me.

  • castello

    That looked awesome! I’m anti-celery just because it seems like it is used as a cheap filler. It didn’t look like you used too much though. I like the hummus idea. It may be a good sub for many things. I think I’ll try it on a sandwich instead of mayo. I can feel the pounds melting off already. No mustard? Maybe the vinegar creates the same acidity thing.

  • Katie

    Hey! Wine Wench here! Thanks so much for mentioning my blog….GREAT idea to use hummus. I actually use it a lot, and with all the flavors that Sabra makes, you’ve got plenty of choices. I’ve got the Chipotle one right now, and I actually warmed some up last night and put a couple of spoonfuls over some yummy seared skirt steak. Tasted awesome! It’s great tossed into pasta, or on chicken breasts if you’re roasting them. Even on a slice of wheat toast with some nice summer tomato slices on top! Cheers, Kahuna!

  • veggiebelly

    Wow, I love this idea and how unique it is!