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Jar Sauce..Just Saying It Feels Dirty..Barilla, Prego & Francesco Rinaldi Taste Test Tuesday – Episode 62

By Patrick

I do not have much to say on this topic-Its sauce from a jar…could there bea winner? or is it which one is most tolerable. Anyway I take one for the team and delve into three similar price point Marinara sauces(and that is using the term loosely). Granted I wont make it in my house but if I am at yours and you give me pasta with a jar sauce on it- Pass the cheese cause I will eat it anyway- unless that cheese is from a can then well….. Kahuna down.

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  • Michelle

    Haha – you crack me up! RE: Tim F’s comments about your health…I do distinctly remember one of your grilling episodes where I saw a “baby jogger” in the back yard, so there is hope.

    Thanks for show…you and GV are my evening entertainment – love it!

  • castello

    You read my comment! Awesome! But I still think bubbly with brunch is better.
    Prrrreego. I guess it’s been the best in a jar for a while. Some folks do like the jarred garlic but it’s not the real deal. If u could get used to that fake garlic taste, it’s easy to deal with, but that ain’t cooking.
    Might as well break out the spaghettios.