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Homemade Goat & Fresh Ricotta Cheese Ravioili With Arugula, Parsley & Pine Nut Sauce – Episode 71

By Patrick


In this episode I use the dough we crafted in episode 70 to make some ravioli. To date this may  have been the toughest episode to do as all forces of nature seemed to be working against me. Starting with you know who and on to my own stupid actions like not letting the dough come up to room tempeture followed by forgeting I was making ravioli and not keeping moist towels on my pasta sheets to then cutting on the counter as opposed to the cutting board. However in the end with lots of editing a few more grey hairs a fine pasta was produced.

However there is some debate in the house as to whether or not the wife actually likes black truffle oil or not- She was getting something bitter from the dish while I did not- We think it may have been the Truffle oil that she didn’t care for- Or maybe my supercharged bacon filled self got the job done the other night and her tastes buds are changing already!

  • Corrinne

    YUM! What an amazing recipe! Tweets, Diggs and Stumbles from me! Love it.

  • Rico

    Well done looks and I am sure is great. Thanks for sharing :) xxx

  • Jessie

    great raviolis! I love it they are freshly made

  • castello

    Awesome Chaos! Now I need some ravioli. What wine would go with that?

  • Michelle

    No Taste Test Tuesday….WTF??????????

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