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Grilled Doublestuffed Baked Potato With Goat Cheese, Bacon & Carmelized Onions – Episode 59

By Patrick


So this is just a quick little episode on a double stuffed potato done on the grill with a little Chavrie- it has got lots of fat so I really do not have much more to say-

  • castello

    Prime top sirloin! Looks fantastic. Not sure I can get that but there are some fancy stores around. I’ll be looking. Nice cheesy bacony oniony doubley taters. Now I’m starving. The tin foil will give you some serious minerals. Good job.
    Sorry about your loss, I think the frito bandito is still kickin around somewhere.

  • zonk59

    Hmmmmmm BACON, The all natural Man Boob Silicon!


  • zonk59

    Mr Kahuna

    I think I may have mistakenly bombarded you with e-mails… Sorry about that.

    I had some kind of filter set in e-mail thingy that was frigging up my Sent Mail folder, so each time I sent an e-mail it gave me an error, and I couldn’t tell that I was sending a lot of e-mails while i was trying to figure it out.

    I think I have it fixed now.

  • castello

    I’m not sure Mr Kahuna is good enuff.
    I think we have to call him King of the Galaxy after that steak n taters

  • Gary

    Looks good. I must have missed the bacon grilling episode…I’ll have to browse. Good to see you actually use the side burner on the grill. I rarely do. Of course I don’t have the setup you do on the grill. I have covered-porch envy.

    Keep ‘em coming.

  • Corrinne

    This is just an amazing recipe! A big thanks from Chavrie! And our Chef will love this.



  • Jessie

    I am at lost for words because that baked potato looks amazing and delectable!

  • Lexy97

    А почему у вас сайт в таких странных тонах? Содержание отличное, а дезайн можно поинтереснее сделать ;)

  • Аленкин Цветкова

    да ладно тебе, нормальный сайт. Админ, не слушай его! Продолжай в том же духе!