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Chili From a Can Taste Test Tuesday – Not Just For Breakfast Anymore! Episode 72

By Patrick

So sometimes you just need a little chili to throw on some hot dogs and you do not feel like spending a few hours making a batch- So I taste test 3 brands found everywhere from gas stations to supermarkets. Hormel, Bush’s and Campbell’s all make an appearance and I get misty eyed about an old New Jersey landmark now gone.

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  • castello

    Not sure I’ve seen the Bush chilli out here but will look for it. With a couple eggsnstuff it sounds like a great hangover cure.

  • Michelle

    Solid episode. Good job!

  • Michelle

    BTW – what beer were you having? I am a homebrewer and “beer geek”…some beer reviews would be awesome! Thanks for pumping out the shows!