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Cheese & Pairing It With Honey, Jams, Balsomic, Nuts & More – Episode 78

By Patrick

This is just an episode that talks about cheese in general and how to expand on it other than just sticking it on a slab of bread- Not that there is anything wrong with that. With so money places have cheese speciality counters there is no reason not explore the cheeses of the world and the USA. Please stop at a Whole Foods, Fairway, Stu Leonards, Wine Library or specialty place and sample some great cheeses. Some supermarkets even have nice cheese counters- Talk to the guys behind the counter- ask for some guidance and samples- I eat tons of cheese and I still walk up and ask the guys behind the counter what they suggest-

Believe it or not those guys enjoy cheese and enjoy educating people-ask questions and if they give you a sample and you dont like it tell them why-Too much funk, smells like ammonia, tastes like dirty socks. Make no mistakes they will work to find a cheese you like then based on the flavor profile suggest other cheeses to you. I like the funk- Call me the George Clinton of cheese if you will but the wife does not so either I compromise or just buy smaller pieces. 

So do yourself a favor and look up a cheese speciality shop and go there-spend some time and be patient-ask questions and buy many small pieces- the cheese shop/counter workers will aprecialte it.

  • castello

    Awesome snack attack! Last night, a friend was over and she had to try my pecan butter, some muenster cheese, cherry jam on some jalapeno cheddar bread. Magical! We could feast at your table for hours.

  • Michelle

    Excellent show! I have really been getting into cheeses lately, and trying the with chutney, fig preserves, etc. This is just so right on for me right now…my 9yr old son and I just made blackberry/blueberry jam and I can’t wait to pair it up with something…goat cheese would probably be fine, but what about a stronger blue/gorgonzol/roquefort…?

    Damn, you must have a DCF (homebrewers say DBF = Dedicated Beer Fridge).

    Still enjoying your show more than GV’s (especially this week!) The fact that I have a “sniffy-sniff” wristband notwithstanding.