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Bruschetta With Diced Tomato Topping – Episode 63

By Patrick

Bruschetta basically is bread rubbed with garlic, grilled and drizzled with Olive Oil- Simple as can be and quite good if your olive oil is good. However we tend to hear the word Bruschetta and think diced up tomato topping-So that is what I make in this episode. There is some lost footage however so after I make the topping it goes to a picture of a half eaten plate of Bruschetta- Oh well, there goes my Academy Award!

  • Michelle

    I am suprised you did not feed the pepper to Little Kahuna. Thanks for pumping out another show!

  • castello

    How hot was it. It looked like a Jalapeno. Some are very hot. My buddy rarely bbqs without throwing a few of those on the grill. I want to see the little one at least try to eat the bruschetta, if not the strait pepper. How was it?

  • zonk

    My wife loves Bruschetta, me not so much.

    I think your gutting the tomatoes tip will improve my Bruschetta experience by eliminating the soggy toast thing, plus I like the idea of adding a little hot pepper. I will make this when I need to get out of trouble with my wife.

    As Michelle said… Thanks for the shows