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BACON Taste Test Tuesday-Oscar Mayer, Hormel & Smithfield – Episode 66

By Patrick


Categories : Taste Test Videos
  • castello

    I had a canadian brand not style a while back that was really good. Can’t remember the name. What will Mrs. Kahuna say about reproducing tonight. Great show.

  • zonk


    Which style do you prefer Prosciutto, Bacon, or Canadian Bacon? Please don’t say you like (shudder!) that turkey, chicken stuff, or worse… tofu, bacon must come from a pig!!!

  • castello

    Love it all but still looking for a good canadian. Irish bacon is very interesting. You have all the fat and a good size chunk of meat. I haven’t had enough Prosciutto to know it very well but I’m gonna get me some.
    My buddy is on a no fat diet and he made me try the turkey. Ugh, but in a pinch?

  • LuvsChandon

    Bacon as an aphrodisiac? Who’d have thunk it!

  • Kevin

    Rofl! Led in the pencil! What a winner in my book. Been watching you since day one buddy. Cheers!

  • ErieWineGuy

    Bacon – always a winner.

    Part of the essential 3 B's of food – butter, bacon and barbecue!


    I love those 3 food groups!


    I love those 3 food groups!