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Asian Inspired Hoisin Beef Tacos With Yuca Slaw – Episode 58

By Patrick

First off I was a little tired by time I got around to cooking this so bear with my not so riveting self for a minute or two- it will be worth it as the food is better than the cook this time.

Here is another great way to use left over grilled meats- I had some left over Prime Sirloin steak and decided to whip up some Asian infused tacos- I wanted to use a few different ingredients so I scratched my head, pulled splinter from finger and said “Jicama” great- well not so great the Jicama was Jicagarbage- rotten through and through- So back to the market I went and got me some “Yuca” so after a failed attempt or a successful attempt at creating a blob or a bad tapioca-I finally got it right-

A little Wiki on Yuca:

 Cassava, yuca, or manioc (Manihot esculenta) is a woody shrub of the Euphorbiaceae (spurge family) native to South America that is extensively cultivated as an annual crop in tropical and subtropical regions for its edible starchy tuberous root, a major source of carbohydrates. Cassava is the third largest source of carbohydrates for human food in the world, with Africa its largest center of production. The flour made of the roots is called tapioca.  Cassava is classified as “sweet” or “bitter” depending on the level of toxic cyanogenic glucosides. Improper preparation of bitter cassava leads to a large number of cases of a disease called konzo. Nevertheless, farmers often prefer the bitter varieties because they deter pests, animals, and thieves.

The name “cassava” is sometimes spelled cassaba or cassada. In English language publications, the plant may be occasionally called by local names, such as yuca (most of Spanish-speaking Americas), mandioca, aipim, or macaxera (Brazil), kassav (Haiti), mandi´o (Paraguay), akpu or ugburu (Nigeria),bankye(Twi-Speaking Ghana), mogo or mihogo (Swahili-speaking Africa), kappa (India), maniok(Sri Lanka), singkong (Indonesia), ubi kayu (Malaysia), kamoteng kahoy or balanghoy (Philippines), mushu (China), củ sắn or khoai mì (Vietnam), manioke or manioca (Polynesia)

  • castello

    Nice job. It looked like three meals in one.

  • zonk59


    Given you are looking after the whole galaxy and all, your bound to have a lower energy day once in a while, plus your ingredients were fighting you big time, but you manned up and got’her done.

    I did Tomatillo salsa/sauce again, this time using one pepper, not the whole can, and it turned really good.

    I did the grilled pizza, I have to get a pizza peal, my improvised device was a disaster, I have to work on my technique, the pie was more nachos, but it tasted good.

    My wife says your a good influence, She can’t believe I’m doing some cooking from the internet, not just cruising questionable sites!


  • TimF

    Enough of the Asian crap, where’s the fresh pasta episode?

  • castello

    I thought these were old family recipes. did it say to cook grated yucca til it was mush? Or was it Jicima? Hicima? For salad/slaw I don’t think you cook it, or even blanch it. Then again, I barely cook at at all.

  • dog

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