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Homemade Pasta Dough With Semolina Flour – Episode 70

By Patrick


Homemade pasta dough is one of those things that has more recipes than shapes and sizes. Many get quite uptight about what should go in dough and what should not. Semolina flour or is all-purpose ok? Well I make pasta dough probably 6 different ways so I really do not have much of an opinion one way or the other- Northern Italians will use eggs in their pasta while Southern Italians would not. The other thing with pasta dough is even when you get the perfect recipe it probably wont be perfect most times you make it- The freshness of eggs make all the difference in any pasta recipe.

  • zonk

    Hey Kahuna

    I gotta say… You and Paolo put on a heck of a show!
    I was laughing so hard, my wife thought I was having seizure.
    So Kahuna, what wine do you recommend with raw pasta dough?

  • Nonna

    You must be hungover!! You didn’t title or number your show. Paolo has the dough making (and eating) knack. Knows just how to hold that fork and draw in the flour. Great Grandma would be proud!

  • TimF


    So when I roll it out and cut it up, do I have to let it dry for a while before cooking it?

  • Michelle

    Haha – the “hangover shows” are the best! Pat, how was the Kutch? I see them on Winebid every once in a while…and have been tempted to bid.

    I really think you should look into this:

  • castello

    Sometimes when I’m hung over I eat food like the little one.