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2007 Louis M. Martini Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon – Episode 67

By Patrick

Another wine from the heralded 2007 vintage this is the Louis M. Martini Sonoma Cabernet which is available from $10.99 to $12.99 and a good value. This wine gets better as it opens up.

  • Michelle

    Love the “label shot”…a great idea (I am sure WLTV will soon copy it, now that GV is now saying “galaxy” all the time). Your’re my fave, Pat…GV is #2.

  • castello

    Love the Louis Martini, both the napa and sonoma show very good. My buddy gets them from the Gallo store for employees out in Modesto for 10 bones for the Napa and probly less for the Sonoma. I want to do a side by side but haven’t yet. They sold out to Gallo a few years back but kept the wine pretty much awesome. they used to be 20 for Napa and 15ish for the Sonoma but now 15 and 10 to 12 at the big grocery stores. Reliably delish.