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Zucchini and Eggs – Episode 35

By Patrick

Zucchini’s  are going to be in full bloom and so will the three hundred gazillion recipes coming out of the woodwork- and then when all the recipes are made there will still be loads and loads of them lying around. So you can grate the zucchinis and freeze them for future recipes and well then there will still be more lying around- So stuff them, shred the, saute them, fry them and anything else you want to do with them-of course as long as it is legal in the state you live in.

So get ready as soon it will be time for eggplant and then……

  • Suzanne Vara/Lvadgal


    What a fantastic quick and easy recipe. Thank you so much for the kind shout out and thanks to Paolo for making an appearance behind the camera – make me feel like it was my house with Andrew and his juice!

    Thanks so much for doing these as not being a great cook, I am always looking for new things to make that are easy!

    You even flipped for me! Hugs!!!

  • Nonna

    Not a bad flip! Generally it’s better to salt the zucchini after they’ve cooked as the salt tends to make the liquid in them ooze out giving a soggier texture after the eggs are added–especially when doing the diced zucchini/scrambled with the eggs. Tastes delicious either way. Hi Suzanne, from Mrs. P

  • castello

    Nice flip. Good way to use up the zucsessess. First time I had them grated like that is in a salad from whole foods. Way better than chunks or sliced for me.

  • admin

    I like them grated to better than chunked up