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Veal Porterhouse with Mushroom Gravy Grilled – Episode 50

By Patrick

Picked up a few beautiful Veal Porterhouse cuts from Fairway to throw on the grill. This was a great alternative to the standard grill meat lineup- Also did a mushroom gravy on the grill for the first time and it came out really good- just need to get my proportions of liquid down to make the right amount- I did some stuffed baked potatoes also but they will appear in their own stand alone mini episode.

So give this big cut of veal a chance as it comes out really good.

  • zonk59


    The YouTube might be a little sharper picture on my laptop, but the usual vidder is very good also, either one is fine.

    Paolo is a hoot, he’s going to have an awesome immune system with all that raw meat tasting. There’s a good chance is going to be a good cook.

    I wonder what would have happened if he had managed to get a mouthful of the olive oil… if he is anything like is Dad he would likely have given it a taste test.

    The Scratch & Win commentary was very funny, and sadly true.


  • Nonna

    Watch the #@&! in front of my grandson!!! The olive oil spout won’t be the only thing getting washed with soap! Otherwise very good-especially the mushrooms.

  • grilljockey

    Glad the mozz didn’t drench your pizza, but I have had that happen before with fresh mozz. One trick is to take your wet mozzarella and put it in a bowl, microwave it for 20 seconds, then squeeze over a sink. Repeat a couple of times and it will remove a lot of the liquid. It doesn’t really impact the final product assuming you let the cheese cool down, and then slice as required. This kind of replicates the process of making fresh mozzarella from scratch.

    Kahuna, you might have said it before, but what temps do you use on your grill when you make the pies. Do you fire it up for the first side and then turn it down once you flip and top? I do mine on a lump hardwood grill…but the only problem is that I don’t have the immediate temperature control as you do with gas.

  • grilljockey

    Whoops…meant to post this on the pizza vid before it…

  • Michelle

    OMG that looks good….love Nonna’s comment (I am from an Italian family, too!)
    I must say that I would be inclined to saute the mushrooms first. Do they brown up nicely in the foil? I am all about mushrooms + sherry, so that sounds great. Enjoying the episodes – thanks, Kahuna!

  • Anthony

    Uggggg you are exhausted after the power wash!!!! I know exactly how you feel. Great episode when is my dinner invite?

  • NY Pete

    great looking chops … I almost took a ride to Paramus for them myself.

  • admin

    That Safeway is great love the olive oils and meats- oh and the cheeses and the fact that they fresh baquets coming out all the time and at a normal price-

  • admin

    Hey Grill,
    Thanks for the tip on the Mozzarella will give it a try.

    I get the grill to between 450-550 before I put the dough on.