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Tomatillo Sauce – Episode 34

By Patrick

Tomatillo, edible? or a Tim Burton creation-these are the really ugly looking things you see in some speciality markets- They have a weird green wrapper skin that just doesn’t look right- and even worse when you peal it off there is a big sticky mess underneath-and it reveals what looks like a green tomato? HUH- well fear not the Tomatillo is a great little fruit that when pan fried and blended makes a stunningly good salsa/sauce for chips, tacos or to put over some grilled meats. 

This great sauce was inspired by Chef Rick Bayless who is crushing it on Top Chef Masters

  • Gary

    I’ve never used a tomatilla but always intrigued by them. I’m thinking this is the weekend to try it. I’m doing beer-can chicken tonight. This sauce would go great with leftover chicken in some tacos.

    Thanks again.

  • zonk59

    Mr Kahuaus

    I seem Tomatillos, but I didn’t know what the heck to do with them.

    So the next time I see them in the store I’m going to pick up a few and try your sauce.

    Hmmm… you could say your sauce is a Mexican / Italian fusion.

  • Julius

    Scraping a non-stick surface pan with a metal utensil? Shame on you. Nice sauce though. With what dishes do you serve it?

  • Gary

    Made this over the weekend and it was great. I added an extra pepper. Love that adobo sauce. Made some chicken tacos and put some of this sauce on them (and some of the adobo)…..went well with nice hardy tortilla chips too.

    It’s history. Will make again.

    Thanks K.

  • admin

    Glad you liked it gary- I think it is our favorite topping and salsa now too-

  • admin

    You know me Julius I like to run with scissors- but yes a plastic utensil would have been smart- I top tacos and burritos and anything with it -especially left over grilled meats- I tend to use the small tortilla shells for my tacos-

  • castello

    My buddy cooks up left over pork or turkey in his what we call chille verde sauce here on the west coast. Isn’t that really what tomatillo sauce is? Either way good stuff.