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Supermarket Mozzarella Taste Test Tuesday – Episode 36

By Patrick

Supermarket Mozzarella: The Super Pinky block of mozzarella cheese. It would be easy to dismiss these building blocks of cheese, to turn a snooty nose to the sky or to just skoff(hmmm is it really spelled that way) at the stuff like a close talker after a bout with a stomach virus. So are these mystery blocks really mozzarella or not? Well yes and no- they are from a theoretical stand point and they are not if you take into account the origins of the cheese. In Italy fresh mozzarella is generaly consumed within a day of being made-it is also a nice fluffy, silky, creamy, ball of a cloud. Now I sound like one of those judges from the Japanese version of Iron chef.

Anyway we lay the smackdown on Polly-O, Biazzo, and Sorrento and while these cheeses will not be served on their own very often they are great for pizza toppings, eggplant parm and chicken parm- dishes that require extended cooking as these will not fall apart.

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