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String Beans with Hoisin Sauce on the Grill – Episode 45

By Patrick

So these string beans were made during episode 44 however the rib steak episode would have been a little long so I gave these beans their own mini video fame. For such a simple sauce they came out really good and spicy and with no clean up-what could be better. The wife wanted them spicy so I added some hot red pepper flakes on top of the chili sauce but if you want them a little milder leave the hot red pepper flakes off.

  • Michelle

    Hi Kahuna – I made these last night and they were delish! We are enjoying your show so much…I think I like it better than WLTV (which I have watched since the low 200′s). Thanks, and keep up the great work!

  • castello

    Nice show. I didn’t really know you had a show. I thought you were kidding on the GV comments area. I found you by clicking around GV’s forums.
    I can’t wait to try a coffee rub. Can I spill some wine on my steak? I do a pork tendeloin with a flameing finish. I think you outa try it on the show, just for the thrill of it. Just do a salt pepper and whatever you like then at the end throw in some scotch or whatever 80 proof in when it’s almost done and light it carefully.