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Rib Steak with Coffee Rub & Scallops – Episode 44

By Patrick

Another great deal on a Prime piece of meat from our friends at Fairway this is a 1.75 pound rib steak. So I was on Twitter talking about steaks and got a message from @justinlevy about a coffee rub so I love different things and checked it out. Justin has a great site called and the recipe is from his friend @thisisjustine who is Justin Rasmussen at Ok just to add another name they have a client which on Twitter is @newhallcoffee. So check these guys out they do some great things oh and I am @kahuna75 on Twitter for the record. Here is the link for the rub recipe

So in this episode I do the steak and some great long island scallops and some spicy stringbeans which will be in a seperate episode as time on this video would have gotten way to long- Also the wines I had will now be reviewed in a seperate episode and there is a new tab up top caled wine reviews.

Phew- all that typing made me hungry!

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  • AnthonyS

    I’m thinking you should start a website where we can keep track of all the food we keep in our refrigerators and pantries. We can post our ratings and flavor profile notes of the items we consume. You can call it pork’d.

  • http://Kahunas zia ginas

    Hey Pat,

    Have to try the dry rub, it really looks good. Why is it that cooks have to touch their hair when cooking? When referring to “the wife”, it should be “my wife”. Give Suzi some respect!!!!!!

    Luv ya,
    Aunt Gina

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  • NY Pete

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm … steak

  • DAV

    nice info. good show. love how you make it real, not on a stage or with gags on your kid and wifey. Good job!