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How To Make Grilled Pizza-2 This Time! – Episode 39

By Patrick

GRILLED PIZZA!!! My Favorite and it is no secret and this episode I pay tribute to the classic pizza of Napoli and tribute to…me, a pizza with bacon. So the classic pizza Margherita with the authentic San Marzano Tomato and another with Gorgonzola and bacon- How can you go wrong! If you want to see how to make pizza dough go to Episode 1 .

A true classic classified Neopolitan pizza would be a certain diameter across and the crust would be more chewey than crisp- the topping would be either just be the sauce Marinara(San Marzano Tomatoes with some oregeno, basil, garlic, salt and pepper) or the Margherita topped with some fresh Mozzarella- Again the key is the tomato.

  • jaye

    I love that the little guy just kept pulling off pieces of dough! :)

  • Suzanne

    Those are some fine-looking pizzas! Yum!

  • castello

    beauty pies! You may inspire me to try it. My grill won’t work for that but I think in the oven with a hot slab or whatever they call it.

  • admin

    You def. need to try them- especially on the grill- however the stone works well also but requires a real hot oven

  • James

    I have a question – why do you cut off the vowel at the end of a lot of the italian words that you say? For example: Margherit, Prosciutt, Mozzarell… I’ve noticed that in a lot of your videos and it kind of drives me nuts, so I thought I’d ask why you do that?