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Grilled Shrimp and Shell Steak – Episode 38

By Patrick

Shell Steak is not a cut I normally choose but when our local Fairway put the “PRIME” on sale well it was a no brainer and off I went to the market for the steak and steak only. Right. They had a huge assortment of bean sprouts, beans, peas, fruits, olive oils, and of course cheese that found their way into my cart. Oh well. I was also at Wine Library and the had picked up some smoked salt on a suggestion  by a friend and was excited to use it on the steak. In the video I mention about keeping the steak on indirect heat for 15 minutes-in reality it was barely 10 minutes- every grill will be different and if you are not confident in the “poke” method for doneness(is that a word?) get yourself an instant read thermometer-Just like adding salt(you can always add more) better to go rarer and have to go back to the grill then to far done-no fix for that.

I grilled some shrimp and the steak and had it with the left over Farro salad which was great. It was a real pleasure to enjoy a nice “Prime” cut for a change so much so that my “Filet Mignon” only wife suggested I head back to get more “and ONLY the steak”, Yeah Right! Steve the Cheese dude at Fairway get ready cause the big Kahuna is heading your way!

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  • Jameus

    Great Vid man :) I do love all the nods to GV in your style lol. Only a true Vayniac would appreciate it all to which is awesome man! I’ll have to check out some of your older ones for sure now too.

  • zonk59


    9 cheeses in the fridge!!!

    Oh Kurd Master… I feel so inadequate.
    The most types of cheese ever in our fridge at one time is 3, perhaps 4, if you count the sliced stuff individually wrapped in plastic, which isn’t really cheese.

    Hey! Gary V. said in Episode #701 you “… were in the strip clubs in New York every night…” Hmmm he sounds a little jealous.


  • NY Pete

    Quote of the day … ” the little plastic thing you shove uo the ass of the shrimp” … LMAO

  • NY Pete

    btw … that is one awesome looking piece of meat … now I’m hungry!

  • castello

    Great job on the steak. How’d it taste? The test kitchen on pbs said to warm up the steak in the oven around 200 for about 10 or 12 minutes to warm it thru. Then all you have to do is get a nice crust on it. With salt added they say it’s kind of like dry ageing it. It dries it out a bit and lessens the gray area near the outer crust. How about trying some lamb chops or steaks?
    ps. you need to link up more often on GVs comments. Nobody knows you’re here.

  • admin

    The steak was really good- loved it. Test kitchen is awesome I love what they do.

  • TheBottleandCork

    Ahh wonderful. And goes great with a glass of Chianti. ;)