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Goat Cheese Taste Test Tuesday – Episode 47

By Patrick

So here we are again on Taste Test Tuesday and this is a great episode since this marks the first time we have had an actual company involved so lets give big ups to Chavrie for stepping up and wanting to be part of the madness. So please check them out at www.chavrie.comor follow them on Twitter @Chavrie for great recipes and special promotions. Thanks Corrinne for making this happen! I look forward to creating some great dishes with their product in upcoming episodes. Also lets give some props to www.coachfarm.comthe great cheese company just a few hours outside NYC up the Hudson Valley. If their name sounds familiar it is because that shifty chef Mario Batali married in to that great family. Just what Molto Mario needs easier access to great cheese!

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  • Corrinne

    Hi Pat,

    This is great! Thank you so much for an honest review and some great tips on goat cheese. This is a great for any foodie or person out there who has never tried goat cheese. A big thanks from Chavrie!


  • Jessie

    I love your review, it’s honest and right to the point. I’m eager to try goat cheese now!

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