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Frittata With Ham, Potato and Cheese – Episode 55

By Patrick

Sometimes your fridge throws you leftovers and extra eggs and then it is time to make a Frittata- While true farm fresh eggs raise this dish to another level of well really goodness? Anyway this is a classic Italian staple that gets made and left out on the counter for all to snack on through out the day. This one has ham, cheese and potatoes cause that’s what I had. Jarlsberg cheese was on sale and of course I bought to much so that goes in- not traditional but pretty tasty- So whip one of these bad boys up and you will not be sorry- We had this for dinner but really it can be eaten for any of the 5 meals through ou the day.

  • castello

    mmmmmmcheese and eggs. Get the little one to take a big sloppy bite.

  • artie

    History of the World…love the Frittata…you forgot 1 meal…the meal eaten while cooking…keep up the good work