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Fettuccine with Fennel (finocchio), Zucchini & Pine Nuts – Episode 40

By Patrick

A great pasta to make with some of that left zucchini that keeps showing up- this one adds in some fennel. I am sure many people see this in there stores and really do not know what the heck to do with it- A classic way is to just section and serve it raw. I happen to enjoy it much more cooked and grilled. When cooking it I would suggest tasting it along the way so that you can pull it off the heat when it has the flavor you want. The more you cook it the less anise flavor it will yield. The type you see in the stores is the Florence Finocchio a cultivated version for the bulb while the other type which is often seen growing wild is prized for its seeds. Do not plant the wild variety as it will attempt to take over your garden sprouting shoots everywhere! I know- I did expecting to get a beautiful bulb- I got a beautiful smelling garden and a sore back from pulling it out! However for ground cover it will work great.

  • NY Pete

    #1 … what up Pat?

  • NY Pete

    quote of the day … from Pat’s wife … “all I see is one large boob” … LMAO

  • castello

    that looks tastey. I want the pine nuts n cheese on a sandwich.