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Chedder Cheese – Supermarket Brands – Cabot, McAdam, & Helluva Good & My Future in the NFL- Episode 53

By Patrick


Supermarket brand Chedder cheese gets used inal types of dishes- problem is many of the just aren’t that flavorful or seperate and make your Mac & Cheese look like nuclear oil waste and macaroni. I run three national brands through their paces in a taste test so this episode will not let you know which cheese will bleed out when baked. We used Cabot, McAdam and Helluva Good(just caused I liked the name) to sample today on Taste Test Tuesday.

Also I talk a little about my future as a NFL player.

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  • zonk59


    There’s no doubt that Kahuna Food and Wine is the Galaxy’s Cheesiest Food and Wine Show… and I mean that in a GOOD WAY!!!

    Hey… while waiting the Giants to call, why not try the CFL. You might last longer per game, CFL only has 3 downs, and there’s a lot of specially cheeses made locally in Ontario (team: Ottawa Rough Riders) or Quebec (team: Montreal Alouettes).

    CFL Cheese list?

    Did you wear that jersey to your dinner with Gary V? If so, did it spoiled his appetite!


  • admin

    Thanks for the link- You know CFL is a bigger field that might work against me! LOL

  • luvgrapesqueezings

    Good ep K!! The Cabot extra-sharp is a pretty good cheese. However, I prefer the Cabot Sharp. It is creamier and tastier. It’s the cheese we serve at most of our in-store wine tastings…


  • luvgrapesqueezings

    ps the sharp is wrapped in wax