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Butter and Toilet Paper? Taste Test Tuesday – Episode 41

By Patrick

Taste Test Tuesday presents BUTTER…..nuff said! Enjoy

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  • Julius

    If you’re going to taste test butter, you really should taste SWEET butter, not SALTED butter.

  • admin

    whats up J-man! well I went with what is the most popular sellers in the supermarket and that according to my extensive research is salted butter – Technically labeled Sweet Cream butter because it is produced from Pasteurized Cream-

    See you on the 27th!

  • NY Pete

    toooooooooo many Quotes of the Day today … LMAO

  • zonk59


    Butter Makes It Better… Even Toilet Paper!!!

    The best thing about room temperature butter it avoids the time wasted trying to spread cold butter on the bread.

    Of course there is an up side to cold butter… I usually end up using a 6mm (1/4 inch) slabs of the stuff to avoid the bread tearing problem… which isn’t all bad.

    Another upside with cold butter is that you can save some calories by only using one piece of bread, betweeb to 1/4 inch layers of butter.


  • Scruff

    Hey Kahuna, am I smelling a product placement?

    I really thought you were going to see which butter spreads easiest on the TP!


  • Julius

    European butter is made from pasteurized cream. The difference is a lower water content. The fermented butter to which you refer is called cultured cream butter and is still pasteurized, after which a fermentation agent is added. The unpasteurized butter is raw cream butter and is not commercially available as it has about a 10 day shelf life.

  • castello

    Great topics big K. While watching I had to pull my Challenge brand whipped butter out of the fridge and nuke it for 1 minute on 10% power. That way it doesn’t totaly melt but warms it just enuff to spread. It was yummy. I agree with you that salted butter is the way to taste. 99% of us eat that, and the sweet, or unsalted butter seems to be used for baking or some such.
    On the TP story. I’ve been sampling recycled tp for a while now cause I heard they’re cutting down forests in Canada to wipe our butts. I’ve tried the trader joes and a few others and the best value seems to me to be cvs(a drug store brand in cali).
    Now my sister tells me we have to ship our used paper to China for them to make the recycled stuff. WTF?

  • admin

    That is pretty sad that we have to ship our paper out to China! lol. Will do an unsalted butter taste test down the road also